About Spiritual Direction

In simplest terms, a spiritual director helps you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life. This makes spiritual direction a sacred space set apart for paying attention to your conversational relationship with God.

The way this happens is pretty simple. A typical session begins with some silence and a scripture reading. During this time, I invite the person to pay attention to their thoughts, desires, and feelings. From there, they talk about what they are noticing/experiencing. I’m listening for the presence of God in what they share and then asking evocative questions to help them pray through their life. The whole hour of “conversation” is a form of prayer. Additionally, some people bring questions of discernment to direction. Others just need a safe place to vent or grieve. I’m happy to sit with people in whatever place they are in when they show up. 

Spiritual direction is not counseling. I will not be analyzing you. I will avoid giving advice. I am not trying to fix you. It’s also not a discipleship relationship. I will not be actively attempting to form you in the way I think you should be. The focus of our time together is on encounter. My hope is that spiritual direction will facilitate a greater awareness of God’s presence in your every day life.

If you are interested in trying out spiritual direction, fill out the Contact John form and I will follow up with you to set up an initial meeting where you can learn more. I am happy to meet for direction in-person, via video conference, or over the phone.