This past weekend Mary and I finished up our time at Emmanuel Covenant Church.  Where for the past six months I had been working as a church planting resident.  It was a great experience for our whole family.  Throughout our time there, we were able to engage in a variety of ministries that encouraged and nurtured us in our relationship with God.  The leadership at the church is passionate about God and they lead his church with wisdom.  Thanks to everyone at Emmanuel who made our experience there great!

We were able to work at Emmanuel because of the gracious support of the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Mary and I were approved as church planters last year, and this was part of the process for us as we get ready to plant a church.  The Covenant is committed to doing planting well, and for us that means they were willing to provide and support us during this job.  This residency was a unique opportunity that allowed me to grow as a pastor, and it undoubtedly helped in our preparation to plant.  We are grateful to the Covenant’s mission-mindedness that provided us with this opportunity!


One response to “ECC and the ECC”

  1. That’s fantastic that the ECC approved you and Mary as church planters!