Emerging Church Offensive?

A smoking hot quote about the Emerging Church from Soong-Chan Rah’s new book, The Next Evangelicalism:

I personally find the use of the term “emerging church” to be offensive.  I believe that the real emerging church is the church in Africa, Asia and Latin America that continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  I believe that the real emerging church is the hip-hop church, the English-speaking Latino congregation, the second-generation Asian American church, the Haitian immigrant church, the Spanish-speaking store-front churches and so forth.  For a small group of white Americans to usurp the term “emerging” reflects a significant arrogance.  (pg. 124)

Whether or not the use of the term emerging is inappropriate, I think he is right on in his assessment of where the church is really emerging.  The real growth and future of evangelicalism is found outside of white suburbia.


2 responses to “Emerging Church Offensive?”

  1. This is not the first time Soong-Chan has been upset with the white American evangelical community. Are there any other smoking hot quotes?

  2. Frank,

    Check out this post:


    It was written by a leader in the emerging church movement, and it sounds like she took issue what she perceived as Rah’s ‘hostile tone’. There is quite a bit of discussion in the comment section include 3+ comments by Soong-Chan himself.

    You can also see my review of the book here: