Emerging Church Perspectives

I’ve heard a friend say that defining the emerging church is like trying to nail Jell-o to the wall.  It doesn’t have any formal institution or maintain a set of doctrines or membership requirements.  It is, when defined by its adherents something of a conversation that is categorized more by ethos than doctrine.  The people who are a part of the conversation have brought excellent questions about the way we do church to the table whether or not you agree with the solutions then espouse.  I have benefited from the books, blogs, and public forum discussions that have occurred because of people who are a part of the emerging church movement.

Here is a link to a video that is very, very helpful in providing a number of different perspectives on what the emerging church is.  It’s long (90 min), but worth the watch.


The panel members include: Scott McKnight, Tony Jones, Kevin DeYoung, and Alex & Brett Harris