First Service, Accomplished

Yesterday we successfully had our first public worship service for our new church plant New City Covenant!  It went really, really, well.  It was so much fun to see everything come together.  The praise band sounded great, the welcoming crew did a fantastic job, the volunteers who helped setup were tireless servants, the kids had a blast in the children’s ministry, the food was amazing, and the people who showed up were gracious and engaged.  It was a real privilege to have so many people join us for worship!  But perhaps the best part of the service was that God showed up!  There was a very tangible experience of the Holy Spirit that a number of people mentioned to me.  Without God’s presence it is all for naught.  I’m so thankful right now to all the volunteers and to God.  What a delight, and what a great way to get things started!

Our next service isn’t until January 10th, so that gives us a little bit of time to recover and think about how we can improve for the next one.  I look forward to getting better at what we do.  I also look forward to watching our community come into being.  There were a good number of new people with us yesterday.  I can’t wait to get to know them better and see how their gifts shaped the nature of our community.  Exciting stuff!


One response to “First Service, Accomplished”

  1. Congratulations! Very exciting!