Geoffrion, One Step at a Time

This book contains Tim Geoffrion’s thoughts on our spiritual life as pilgrimmage.  He uses his experience walking a 500-mile pilgrimmage, called el Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James), as the guiding metaphor for describing the ups and downs of the Christian’s spiritual walk with God.  

Each chapter begins with a journal entry written while Tim was walking the 500 miles with his family.  He then grabs a spiritual lesson, delves into its scriptural teaching, and makes some suggestions for practical next steps for those who want to experience the same growth.  Although his journal entries are primarily limited to the beginning of each chapter, Tim writes with such vulnerability that the whole book reads like a journal.  Tim frequently shares stories of personal brokenness to highlight a point or illustrate the reality of a scripture truth in his life.  This is not a book of abstract thoughts about spirituality, it is an honest life-story of a man earnestly pursuing a richer life in Christ.

At the end of each chapter, Tim provides a list of different spiritual disciplines that can help the willing pilgrim to take the chapter’s lessons to heart.  This would be a good book to read in a group over a period of weeks.  Each week the group could commit to one or more of the disciplines.  This is not a book to cruise through in a weekend.  It’s meant to be savored with a journal in hand and the willingness of the reader to take long pauses for reflection and self-examination.