Happy Birthday to My Wife!


Today is my wife’s birthday, so I thought I’d take a moment to honor her here with a list of top ten things I love about Mary:

  1. She is a wonderful cook.  There is nothing like one of Mary’s homecooked Korean meals!
  2. She is empathetic.  She has a tremendous capacity to feel the pain other people are experiencing and walk with them through their struggles.
  3. She is wise.  As we venture out on this church planting adventure, I’ve already come to appreciate her wise and thoughtful counseling.
  4. She loves people faithfully.  She has many deep friendships because she is committed to people through thick and thin.
  5. She is thoughtful.  She sees other people’s needs and she takes the initiative to meet them.
  6. She is a great mom.  Being a mom is pretty much the hardest job in the world.  She does it with excellence, and my kids adore her.
  7. She is a servant.  She is willing to do things that are unpleasant for the benefit of other people.
  8. She is safe.  People feel comfortable sharing the hard parts of their life with Mary.  People recognize in her someone who won’t judge them if they share a part of their broken lives.
  9. She isn’t vain.  She doesn’t obsess over possessions or need to have the trendiest things just so she can feel good about herself.
  10. She loves God.  She wants to walk with God and live for God in every aspect of her life.

I love my wife!  Happy Birthday!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday to My Wife!”

  1. Happy Birthday Mary! Is the photo from the very recent birthday dinner?

  2. Thank you, Honey! I feel so cherished and loved. You love me soooo well! I am so happy! This has been such a great day so far! Thank you for your kind words. I think the world of you! Love you!