This past weekend was the big move.   We moved three whole blocks, but we might as well have been moving to a different state.  We still had to box everything up, and we hired movers because we’ve got some really heavy items.  In honor of our move, I thought I’d put together a top 10 list of things I hate about moving:

  1. Other people get to see all the junk you’ve never thrown away
  2. Between the trips to Home Depot and hiring movers, it is really expensive
  3. It’s a reminder that I’m not very organized
  4. Scratched walls
  5. Lots of snow the day before we moved means lots of muddy feet on the carpet
  6. You have to clean a house you will never live in again
  7. Inevitable back pain
  8. Losing the coffee maker in some random box stacked somewhere in my basement
  9. Taking trips to Starbucks in a 15′ Budget truck
  10. “Discussions” with my wife about what we will keep and what we will toss

Even though there are all these things to hate about moving, we are still pretty happy.  We love our new house.  I believe it will help us accomplish our mission really well, and it’s just fun to own our own place.


2 responses to “Moved.”

  1. Amen brother! These are hilarious!

  2. photos? I bet it was a lot more affordable than my place. 🙂