N.T. Wright on Post-modernity and the Church

In this video Wright contrasts the narrative of modernity, which he argues reached its climax in the 18th century, with the narrative of Christianity, which reached its climax in the resurrection of Jesus.

Money qoute:

Postmodernity is about announcing the doctrine of the fall to arrogant modernity. That was necessary, but the doctrine of the fall is never the last word. And, the task of the church today could be summed up as: how…do we now announce appropriately the doctrine of redemption, which is not a return to a chastened modernity but a going through and out into somewhere else that we ain’t got to yet.



One response to “N.T. Wright on Post-modernity and the Church”

  1. But what exactly is modernity and the culture of modernity?

    Essentially it is the culture created in the image of scientific materialism–what William Blake called Newtons Shackles and Weber called an Iron Cage.

    Everything reduced to matter only.

    Unfortunately we now all thoroughly trapped within this Iron Cage, and have been for nearly 300 years.

    Every minute fragment of our culture is patterned by scientism, including all of what is usually called religion, especially Protestant Christianity.