This is a book that makes you want to go out and conquer the world.  Friends of Mary’s and mine previously attended Mark Betterson’s church in Washington DC, and they kindly gave this book to me.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  

The Wild Goose that he challenges us to chase is the Holy Spirit.  The name Wild Goose is taking from a Celtic description of spirituality.  Throughout the book he tells stories and examines scriptures that provide lessons for following the Wild Goose.  The chapters are arranged around the cages that keep us confined.  These are the things that prevent us from following the Wild Goose on the crazy journey of life.  They are:

  1. The Cage of Responsibility — “Too many of us allow our human responsibilities to get in the way of our primary calling: pursuing the passions God has put in our hearts.  Maybe it’s time to quit praying and start acting.”
  2. The Cage of Routine — “Somewhere along the way, your relationship with God became more of a chore than an adventure.”
  3. The Cage of Assumptions — “you’ll never be good enough or smart enough or experienced enough.  But your qualifications aren’t the issue.  When you chase the Wild Goose, the best you can do is no longer the best you can do; the best you can do is the best God can do.”
  4. The Cage of Guilt — “when you receive his grace, it not only reconditions your heart but also turns you into a revolutionary for His cause.”
  5. The Cage of Failure — “When our plans fail, there is a temptation to not only give up on our dreams but also to give up on God and ourselves.  But sometimes it takes a shipwreck to get you where God wants you to go.  And what seems like a complete disaster will actually set a new course for your life.”
  6. The Cage of Fear — “Don’t play defense with your life.  Play offense with your kids, your wife, your life.  Don’t look for the path of least resistance.  The hard way is the best way.  And quit living as if the will of God is an insurance plan.  Dare to dream great things for God.”

Mark Batterson is a good writer, and he tells very compelling stories.  He is motivational.  He is also honest.  He tells some pretty embarrassing stories throughout the book.  He tells a story about failure, when his church put on a concert that flopped.  There were seven band members and only four concert attenders!  His willingness to share his experience living in each of the cages, makes the truths he is telling much more believable.  

I enjoyed this book, and I recommend it to everyone.  It is meant to encourage anyone who wants to do something with their life for God, but they’ve experienced setbacks, frustrations, or just the reality of responsibility.  Reading this book also gave me some good practical ideas for how to follow the Wild Goose with greater faith and earnest.  I’m going to put some of them into practice right now!


3 responses to “Wild Goose Chase”

  1. Wow, you read a lot! Sounds like an interesting book.

  2. What a nice review! We (Bryan and I) thoroughly enjoyed the book and it definitely makes us want to pursue our God-given passions and dreams. I love seeing others pursue God-sized dreams too. It is so inspirational.

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