Busy Month

This has been a busy month.  Mary and I went to Singapore for a week at the beginning of the month.  I had the privilege of officiating a wedding for two good friends and former members of the Highrock College group.  Ken and Hui were integral parts of our ministry in Boston, and it was great to see them and be a part of this special day.

After Singapore, we flew back through Hong Kong and spent two days sight-seeing.  Derek Dieu and Judy Kim accompanied us, who were also a part of the college group.  We saw a lot of Hong Kong in a short period of time.  Here we are crammed into Judy’s hotel room.

This week, the Evangelical Covenant Church is holding its Annual Meeting in St. Paul.  Covenant pastors from all over the country have come to town for the meeting.  It’s at this meeting that all the denomination’s business happens as well as the ordination of new pastors and the acceptance of new church plants.  A bunch of pastors that I worked with or have become friends with during Covenant events came to town earlier in the week and we all went up to my parent’s cabin for a few days.  We had a blast.  One of the fun things the kids got to do was fish…not with a pole, but with a net.  They would just scoop the sunfish right out of the water and then they stored them in this huge Tupperware container.

Mary’s mom came into town today, and I get ordained tomorrow.  It’s been a busy but fun June.  I’m looking forward to having things settle down again so that I can get back into our church routine, but I’m also very thankful for good friends and time to relax!


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  1. Very cool update John.