More Marches!

So Mary’s pregnant.  She just returned from the doctor today, and they told her that she will likely deliver early next winter.  She also came home with some ultrasound pictures.  The baby is 3.9 cm long.  You can see his/her little arms and legs and head.  Crazy.

Mary and I think we have the most fantastic kids, and we can’t wait to have another one join our family.  I’m so thankful for them.  I believe that one of the most powerful kingdom impacts we can make is in the way that we raise our kids.  There are no other people in the world on whom we will have greater influence.  For better or worse, they will end up looking a lot like us.  I also believe that our family system is a ministry in and of itself.  The way we love our kids and open our home is a great way for us to do ministry.

I can’t wait for the next little March.  When we ask Josiah and Mercy whether they want a little brother or sister, we get two different responses.  Mercy wants a brother.  Josiah wants a sister with a mustache.   What a joker!


4 responses to “More Marches!”

  1. Dante Avatar

    Congratulations! Regardless of the gender, I hope your baby is not born with a mustache.

  2. Thanks Dante. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, John!

  4. Congrats! Will you ever stop? 🙂