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  • A Good Coach is Hard to Find

    For as long as I can remember living in Minnesota, my dad has had season tickets to the Gopher’s basketball games.  I’ve cheered for the gophers for about two decades.  Going to “The Barn,” the home court of the Gophers, is my favorite sports viewing activity.  I love the intensity of college basketball.  I love…

  • Wii Tennis Tournament

    Mary and I are hosting a Wii Tennis tournament/party this Friday.  We’ve still got a few spaces available that we’d love to have filled.  We’re going to use our LCD projector to project the screen onto our living room wall.  We’re hoping to get our little Wii guys as close to life-size as possible! If…

  • Find Church Norris

    Go to Google. Type in: Find Church Norris Click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button  Laugh your head off when you see this:

  • A new Blogging Browser

    I’m trying out a new browser that has as its sub-text, “the social web browser”.  It has a lot of built in features, like posting new blog posts in an easy integrated way.  In fact, I’m posting this blog from my browser’s interface. Blogged with the Flock Browser