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  • N.T. Wright, A Critical and Laudatory Conversation

    A couple of weeks ago over the weekend of April 16-17, 2010, Wheaton hosted a conversation that engaged N.T. Wrights scholarly work.  Wheaton has made the these lectures available for free in mp3 download format.  I’ve just downloaded them, and I look forward to listening to what the presenters have to say.

  • New Year’s Resolution: Read the Bible More?

    Anyone want to read the Bible more this coming year?  It’s a favorite New Year’s resolution for Christians.  Often times we start from the beginning and then get bogged down in the early books.  We give up before we get out of the month of January.   If you’re looking for a new way to…

  • No such thing as a bad question?

    This is a laugh-out-loud funny article about the ridiculous questions people hear in job interviews.  It was compiled by career builder from user submitted comments.  I encourage you to read the whole article, but here are my favorites: What are your hobbies and interests? “[He said] ‘Well, as you can see, I’m a young, virile…

  • Hunch

    I just came across a cool new site called hunch that helps you make decisions.  I’ve gone through a few decisions — some serious and some out of curiosity, like should I attend a Christian church.  They ask you questions, and then it makes a probability suggestion for what you should do.  Pretty fun.

  • A Shadow of My Former or Future Self

    Every morning I get in the pool for a swimming workout, and I wish I felt as good as I did when I was still in college.  Now, my splits are just a shadow of my former self.  If I used to be able to swim 100s on the 1:05, now I struggle to make…

  • How Stressed are You?

    When a bad driver almost runs you off the road, how stressed do you get? When a child is repeatedly screaming in your ear while you try and talk to your spouse, how stressed do you get? When you realize you don’t have enough money in the bank to pay the next bill, how stressed…

  • Find Church Norris

    Go to Google. Type in: Find Church Norris Click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button  Laugh your head off when you see this:

  • Capitalism makes for odd bedfellows

    Here’s an article pointing out that a new Christian web dating service is owned by Penthouse! Blogged with the Flock Browser

  • A new Blogging Browser

    I’m trying out a new browser that has as its sub-text, “the social web browser”.  It has a lot of built in features, like posting new blog posts in an easy integrated way.  In fact, I’m posting this blog from my browser’s interface. Blogged with the Flock Browser