New Year’s Resolution: Read the Bible More?


Anyone want to read the Bible more this coming year?  It’s a favorite New Year’s resolution for Christians.  Often times we start from the beginning and then get bogged down in the early books.  We give up before we get out of the month of January.   If you’re looking for a new way to read the Bible, here’s something worth trying, YouVersion:

You can create an account, and then pick a Bible reading plan — I think there are 22 plans available.  It has a really slick interface and a ton of translations to choose from.  They also have an iPhone app that stays up-to-date with your online account.  You do your reading and then check it off as you complete it, either on your phone or your computer, progressing at your own pace.

I’ve started reading through the Psalms and Proverbs plan.  It takes me through the Psalms twice and Proverbs 12 times in a year.  With young children in the house, I want to get Proverbs deep into my soul.  I believe Proverbs is a book primarily given for the formation of adolescents.  Hopefully over the course of this year, I will get some ideas on how to use it in our household.

But they have a lot of other plans ranging from reading the whole bible in 30 days to just sections of the New Testament over the course of months.  The interface also has some other cool features that allow you to do personal highlighting, note-taking, journalling, and make public contributions.  It’s very cool, and worth checking out!  It’s going to be my Bible Reading medium this year.  Thanks YouVersion!

HT: Mark Batterson