Made to Stick


This book is about sticky ideas—stories, facts, and anecdotes that are inherently memorable.  In the book, the Heath brothers break down 6 elements of that make stories sticky.  They are:

-Simple: have a core idea that is simple

-Unexpected: If you say something unexpected, it get’s people’s attention and it is more memorable.

-Concrete: talk about specific things.  Don’t talk in abstract concepts.

-Credible: use statistics or personal narratives to lend credibility to your message.

-Emotion: connect to peoples’ emotions so that they feel the importance of your message.

-Stories: tell stories of challenge, connecting, and creativity to inspire people and help them remember your message.

I enjoyed this book because it was both helpful and fun to read.  The authors put their own principles into action.  They write with stickiness.  Their chapters are filled with sticky stories and solid statistics.  It was also very helpful for me both as a preacher and a parent.  I learned new techniques and I was reminded of some I’d previously heard on how to effectively communicate my ideas.  I recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their communication skills, either for public oration, parental instruction, or friendly discourse.