Magic Parenting

This book/DVD is worth its weight in gold.  It’s about disciplining your children in a way that is both effective and stress-reducing for the family system.  Mary, my wife, checked out the DVD version from our local library and we watched it last week.  We have since put it into practice, and so far we’ve been shocked at how effective it has been.  

I can’t do the program justice in a short blog review, but if you have children I highly recommend checking this out.  My favorite quote from the DVD was something like this: “Parents make the false assumption of treating their kids like little adults.  We try and reason with them with statements like, ‘how would that make you feel if your sister did that to you’.  Instead we need to change the way we think about our parenting role.  We need to see ourselves as wild animal trainers!”  HA!  Wild Animal Trainers!

He was very funny, and I felt like he thoroughly understood the trials of being a parent.  I’ll try and write an update in a few months after we’ve been practicing this for a while longer.   So far we’ve been amazed…it feels like magic!

His site: 1-2-3 Magic