Sleep: good spiritual food

Last night I went to sleep at 7:34pm. And, apart from the occassional wakings for Josiah, I didn’t really wake up until 8:00am. I got a full 12 hours of sleep. While this kind of sleep pattern would certainly be considered indulgent if it were a regular occurrence, lastnight I welcomed it as an rejuvenating spiritual practice.

I often find that my short temper, overly indulgent eating habits, and general orneriness can be attributed to sleep deprivation. Prayer, Bible reading and the like are solid helps to gaining in godliness, but sometimes, I just need to sleep to overcome some of my shortcomings.

Today, in light of my long night of sleep, I woke up in a good mood. I was eager to work out. I voluntarily cleaned the kitchen. I was patient with Josiah’s fussiness. I answered long emails. In so many ways I felt I had a positive grace about all my interactions. My normal despair vanished and I had a positive outlook on life. I honestly think it can be attributed to nothing more than just a good night’s sleep….hmmmm….

I should go to bed soon.