What’s God’s Will?

I’ve noticed that more and more regularly the word confused is coming up in my discussions with Mary and some other close friends. It seems to be where all my conversations and ponderings about my calling and future lead…confusion. I just don’t have a clear sense as to what I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing.

I wonder what is God’s will? What has he planned out for me to do from before the creation of the world??? Wait, did he plan it out? If he didn’t, can I do anything? Well, I would want his input. I wouldn’t want to make a decision that would lead to unnecessary suffering, or worse less success. What if I chose a career path that didn’t allow much upward mobility? Could I recover? Could I still do all the amazing things I hope to do?

Is God’s Will even about all this?????

I have decided, not. God’s will is obedience. He wants me to be godly. Whether that means I am to be a godly business man, a godly husband, a godly pastor, a godly lawyer, a godly chef, or a godly whatever, God’s will is godliness in whatever profession I embrace.

So, for now, I feel like I have a sense of God’s will. He wants me to be a godly
-college pastor,
-children’s pastor,
-and web programmer.

This is God’s will for me: godliness…I’m not sure he cares too much about the other questions.


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  1. judochops Avatar

    i wonder the same things… tell me when you find the answer.